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Advocacy & Public Awareness Activities Overview

Advocacy & Public Awareness Activities Overview

PNGO believes that it is essential to create public awareness on vital issues that affect the daily life of the community. Moreover, the civil society sector is an integral partner in both the development process and in the formulation of democratic legislation. In this context, PNGO provides analyses, conducts studies and participates in discussions to assist in the formulation of public development policies and legislation.

In this section, you will find the details about the ongoing advocacy and awareness campaigns in which PNGO is involved:

Sectoral Committees

The Sectorial Committees derived from PNGO’s need of developing effective sector networking and coordination in order to better regulate development initiatives in the oPT. Three sectors of work were identified as being the priority in order to respond to the direct needs of the Palestinian people; education, health and agriculture. These sectors were chosen based on their impact on a large proportion of the Palestinian household. On the other hand, a majority of PNGO’s members belong to these sectors, which enhances its capacity of networking and coordinating to build a successful platform for dialogue, which can advocate for policy and strategic interventions.

The main objectives of the project were the following:

– To strengthen PNGO’s Network through the establishment of sector committees and improved coordination mechanisms.
– To improve the understanding of the needs of Palestinian civil society through the production of a Civil Society Policy Document.