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An inspection of the Ministry of Health warehouses tour in Nablus

Ramallah –  Delegates from the health sector of the Palestinian NGO network visited the Palestinian Health Ministry’s warehouse on Wednesday in order to verify the nature and the storage of medication related to mental illness in addition to the way in which the warehouse is run, maintained and distributed on the ground. The Director General of the warehouse, Dr. Mohammad Abu Ghali, welcomed and informed the delegation on all aspects of warehouse operations, including supply, inter-departmental facilitation, and management expectations. This was then followed by a visit by the Minister of Health Dr. Jawad Awad, the vice minister Dr. Asa’ad Al Ramlawi and a number of ministry employees. These representatives worked on informing the delegation on the specialties, departments, and various facilities of the Health Ministry’s warehouse.

The delegation’s visit began at the Ministry of Health’s building in Nablus, where they were welcomed by Dr. Rania Shaheen, Director-General of the General Directorate of Pharmacy at the ministry, during which she discussed the lack of medication for chronic diseases and medication for mental health building off of previous meetings amongst the two parties in reference to the health sector’s campaign that was established nearly three years ago and is ongoing. The purpose of the aforementioned campaign is to provide necessary medication and required materials for patients. Dr. Shaheen presented the necessary improvements that have arisen within the last few months, which included the legal frame for purchasing new medication and how it varied from previous legislation on the matter. Dr. Shaheen also made reference to the reduction in the number of citizens who do not receive medication due to ministerial medication negligence.

The delegation, who included Dr. Ibrahim Abu Ayash from the health sector network, Ismail Abu Ziada from the Palestinian Medical Relief, Nisreen Ghazal from the Palestinian Counseling Center, Dr. Jad AlTaweel from the Hemophilia Association, Wala’a Shamsaneh of the Thalassemia Association and Issam Bakr Coordinator from  the Palestinian NGO network, pointed to the importance of cooperative work amongst NGO representatives and the government. This urgency is based on evolving relations according to the developmental plan drawn for the upcoming years. Of which, institutions of civil society play an important role. The delegation also asked for updating the data and documents present within the Ministry’s warehouse, working on defining new terms for medication supply, and solving the problem of shortage medication which arises in various communities across Palestine. Furthermore, the delegation discussed how the lack of the ministry’s prioritization of medication within the PA’s budget has affected filling the shortage found in various communities and regions within Palestine. This meeting was ended on the basis of having a follow-up meeting within the near future in order to benefit the Palestinian citizen and fill their medical needs.