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Statements and Positions Papers

PNGO applauds growing pressure within EU against economic activities in illegal Israeli settlements, and calls for strong commission-wide statement.

As the representative body for over 135 non-governmental organisations, the Palestinian Non-governmental Organisation (PNGO) wishes to both applaud and strongly affirm the recent statements made by key member countries of the European Union – including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain ...

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Palestinian Civil Society Calls on International Allies to Hold Israel Accountable for its Violations in Gaza

Palestinian civil society organizations are shocked at the irresponsible public reactions of major international aid agencies working in the oPt toward Israel’s latest military assault on Gaza. In recent weeks, numerous international bodies and organizations have come out in condemnation of the senseless ...

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Palestinien civil society to Oxfam: “match words with action”, break ties with Scarlett Johansson

As the representative body for over 135 Palestinian NGOs working tirelessly to assert the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories, PNGO is surprised by Oxfam’s mishandling of the current SodaStream ambassadorship issue given their long and well-established commitment ...

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