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Closure of Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein School in Sheikh Jarrah

Statement of the Palestinian Education Coalition and  the Education Sector Institutions on the Closure of Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein School in Sheikh Jarrah


The Palestinian education coalition and the education sector condemn the continued violations by the Israeli occupation authorities with regard to education in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which target the identity of Palestinian education, and which clearly affects the right of Jerusalemite children to access education. The education coalition and the institutions of the education sector are following a series of recent successive decisions regarding the right to education, beginning with the closure of the Directorate of Education and even the closure of Abdullah Bin Al Hussein Secondary School for Girls in Sheikh Jarrah, even though the school was built on the Islamic Waqf lands, and the Jordanian government supervised its construction several decades ago.

The Palestinian Education Coalition and education sector institutions, along with the Ministry of Education, have appealed to international institutions on many occasions to stand and demand that these violations against children, especially Jerusalemites, be stopped, as well as stressing the need to neutralize the political conflicts’ effect on education.

The Palestinian Education Coalition and the education sector institutions confirm their condemnation of these violations and attempts to Israelize education in Jerusalem. Moreover, the closure of a school in order to transform it into an industrial school is a clear violation of the right to education, it also means depriving girls of their education, the right which is guaranteed by all international conventions and treaties.

Such decisions and other violations and practices of the occupation in Jerusalem are additional steps in the occupation plan that aims to control and Israelize the education sector, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Palestinian national identity from the Holy City.

We, therefore, recommend:

  • International human rights organizations play an active role, through a declared position against the aggressive occupation attacks on educational institutions in Jerusalem, and the international organizations play its role in rejecting these violations.
  • The Arab countries and their governments to finance the support for the resilience of Palestinian schools in the face of daily Israeli practices.
  • The party forces to take the lead in proactive and continuous movement to stop repeated targeting of education in Jerusalem at all levels.

In conclusion, the education coalition and education sector institution emphasize that education in Jerusalem will remain Palestinian, by the will of Jerusalemites and their inherent right to access education that represents their identity, and with the support of the free people who believe that human rights are universal and indivisible.