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Coercive Environment Field Visits

On May 8th 2017, the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) in the oPt arranged a field trip to the Area C villages in the western Bethlehem governorate of Khallet Sakariya, Wadi Fukin and Al Walaja. This field visit is part of a series of visits designed to enhance the understanding of the different elements of the coercive environment we see as creating or exacerbating the risk of forcible transfer facing Palestinians in various parts of the West Bank, and to encourage coordinated action in response. Eight Representatives from 6 countries participated in the field visits, including the U.S.A., Denmark, Spain, Argentina, Switzerland and Finland. Members of the Palestinian Non Government Organizations Network (PNGO) including Land Research Center (LRC), The Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem(ARIJ) and Agricultural Development Association (PARC) were among the briefers and they covered coercive elements including: Discriminatory planning and zoning regime, illegal home demolitions, Barrier construction, and illegal settlement expansion on Palestinian land, settler violence towards Palestinian civilians including women and children.