PNGO Warns of Power Cuts Consequences

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) warns of the continued power outages in the Gaza Strip and its dangerous repercussions on the health, environmental, economic and humanitarian realities.

PNGO points out to the Gaza Strip power plant which has stopped working on Tuesday, August 18th, due to the Israeli prevention of fuel entry into the Strip. This increased the hours of power cuts to approximately twenty hours per day. As a result, basic services and sectors including the health sector will be seriously affected.

Environmental health services, drinking water supplies, sanitation services, and others will not function properly, too. The situation continues to reap losses in industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities that depend on electricity. Two million people in the Gaza Strip are about to go through a major life crisis in a very hot weather.

All parties, PNGO stresses, should work and live up to their responsibilities to ease the suffering of the Strip and prevent any additional problems to enforce the citizens’ right to live in dignity and have access to various services, including electricity.

The Palestinian Network of NGOs calls upon the International community to break its silence and intervene to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to lift the unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip and allow the entry of all materials, including fuel for the plant.