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No to American Projects. ……. No to Political Conditional U.S. Funding

Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) Statement:

No to American Projects

No to Political Conditional U.S. Funding


The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) expressed its rejection the announcements made by the Palestinian Affairs Unit at the American Embassy in occupied Jerusalem, which was recently reported through the media, and which indicates the possibility of making projects to support the Palestinian community, institutions, and individuals as of the beginning of March

The announcement involves an awful lot of insolence and surprise, especially in light of what was announced by US President Donald Trump on January 28th in the White House under the title of the political aspect of the deal of the century, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian issue, legitimate rights guaranteed under international laws, self-determination, and national independence.

Furthermore, the issuance of this announcement after imposing financial sanctions on the National Authority and stopping its funding to UNRWA and Jerusalem hospitals is part of the search for an alternative leadership that is part of the deal of the century and is in line with its requirements.

PNGO views this stark announcement as a continuation of the frank conformity in the positions of the American administration and the Israeli occupation government towards the Palestinian people, which reflects the true intentions of the American administration to replace the legitimate rights of Palestinians with alleged economic peace. With these moves, the American administration ignores the efforts of the institutions of the Palestinian society which were blackmailed through USAID projects and its known conditions.

The US position is totally biased towards the Israeli occupation, and is represented by several measures and steps. Among them was the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the closure of the PLO office in Washington, and the cutting off of financial aid to hospitals in occupied Jerusalem. This is the essence of American policy and its stated positions, not to mention the attempt to liquidate UNRWA.

While affirming its rejection of all forms of politically conditioned financing, and trying to brand the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people with terrorism, PNGO reaffirms that the Palestinian political forces are national liberation movements under international law and renews commitment to the position of the General Authority and its clear position to prevent implementing any agreements or projects that do not respond to the unified Palestinian civil society’s stand based on the rejection of all forms of American funding supporting the Israeli occupation.

The network warns against dealing with this invitation or any invitations issued by the American embassy in occupied Jerusalem, which is a back shortcut to conditions and agreements that were, and still are, rejected.

PNGO calls the Palestinians to continue to adhere to the original position to boycott these projects in compliance with the Palestinian law, and the decisions of the previous Legislative Council in 1996 prohibiting the acceptance of such funds or politically conditioned support.

PNGO also confirms that it will continue with institutions, partners, and friends to work to thwart these calls, and implement the decisions and articles of the network’s statute strictly and responsibly.

Finally, the network calls for an official and national Palestinian position at all levels to expose the American embassy’s role, and to address these attempts to split the Palestinian position at a fragile time of fighting the so-called deal of the century. PNGO stresses the importance of uniting to confront these new, yet old projects with unity without hesitation or delay.