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Palestinian Civil Society Index Final Report

Executive Summary
The Palestinian NGOs coordination council, which includes the Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) and its partners in the National Commission for Palestinian NGOs (NCPN) and the Palestinian Union of Charitable Societies (PUCS), seeks to diagnose the status of the Palestinian civil society and analyze its capacities, abilities and needs in order to provide the information needed to develop an intervention program that aims at improving the chances of sustaining the Palestinian civil society’s organization, and in order to promote its position and activate its role in social development and national struggle as well as strengthen its contribution to social change and development, towards addressing risks and challenges more efficiently. The participatory methodology was used to implement the tasks vested in this consultancy research, including the engagement of relevant stakeholders at all stages of planning, implementing and evaluating consultancy services. The relevant stakeholders include the members of the Coordination Council of Palestinian NGOs, the project team at NCPN, PUCS and PNGO, as well as a randomly selected sample of Palestinian NGOs, Charitable societies, specialized NGO Networks, and some representatives of the private sector, unions and some official commissions.

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