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PNGO calls upon the International Community to take action now before it is too late

Hunger strike enters the 30th Day. More than 16 hundred prisoners are on hunger strike to obtain their basic human such as; right to education, right to health services, ending the policy of administrative detention, ending the policy of the solitary confinement, treat all political prisoners with the respect due their inherent dignity and value as human beings.

The coming days are very critical with possibility of Palestinian Prisoners falling as (Shahid) due to the Israeli occupying power carelessness and purposely neglecting the rightful demands of the Palestinian Political prisoners.

PNGO demands the following:

1- Urgent formation of international independent investigation unit to assess the Palestinian prisoner’s conditions.

2- Hunger strikes are legitimate methods of resisting occupation. It should be a priority for third States to ensure the protection of hunger strikers; this also includes taking a strong stand against force feeding. (Note that no one has died from hunger striking, but 4 registered cases of death after being force fed).

3-We  ask Third States to formulate an international specialized medical committee of the WHO to document and evaluate closely the catastrophic health situation of the prisoners on hunger strike, especially the sick, disabled, an elderly and force the Israeli government to officially transfer them to civilian hospitals to receive medical treatment.

4- We call upon the International Community to hold Israel accountable and compel them to respect International Law and Humanitarian Law, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention and the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.