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PNGO urges international community to end Israel’s endemic impunity with regards to their ethnic cleansing policies.

PNGO urges international community to end Israel’s endemic impunity with regards to their ethnic cleansing policies.


The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisation is outraged to hear that retribution is being carried out at the hands of settlers with the suspected revenge killing of Mohammed Hussein Abu Khudair in occupied East Jerusalem.

We do not find it at all surprising given Israel’s apathetic stance towards the violent actions of the settlers given that it furthers Israel’s active policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland.


Although global media coverage of the events currently unfolding has increased, and in turn placed a greater amount of pressure on Israel (as seen through Israel’s condemnation of the torture and killing of Mohammed Hussein Abu Khudair), PNGO would like to see a further increase and sustained reporting of the atrocities that occur in Palestine. Global media outlets have reported on the murder of Mohammed Hussein Abu Khudair, however, this is not a solitary case. The extra judicial killings of the nine Palestinians in the past two weeks by the Israeli military have gone unnoticed within the international community  and as a result Israel has murdered with impunity.Israel has demonstrated their indifference to justice with the soldier of the Nakba killings of Nadeem Nowarah, 17, and Mohammed Odeh, 16 back in May, who has yet to be held accountable even though damning video evidence illustrates the events that unfolded.


Since September 2000, Israel, whether through their military or through settler violence has systematically murdered 6876 Palestinian civilians, of which a quarter of them were children.[1] Moreover, settlers have damaged properties belonging to Palestinians (which violates article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention) in order to invoke terror and forcibly displace Palestinians from their land (a violation of article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention).


In the last few weeks, approximately five hundred and seventy Palestinians[2] have been arrested (twelve of which are members of the Palestinian parliament). Of those arrested, over a hundred have been sentenced to administrative detention.[3] In addition, nine Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces – including three children and one mentally- disabled man, more than 1,350 homes have been raided, 15 civil society organisations have been shut down indefinitely, while continued airstrikes have rained over the Gaza Strip. All this violates article 33 the Fourth Geneva Convention as it states that“No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”


The PNGO implores the international community, specifically those organizations working here to protect the rights and needs of children,  to be active in their condemnation of Israeli’s apathetic stance towards settler aggression to Palestinian people in the harshest terms possible, and to exert the appropriate pressures on Israel, which they have failed to do for over six decades, in order to force them to abide by the international laws and human rights conventions that they have ratified. Failure to do so would mean that the international community would have implicitly agreed with the Israel’s overt policy of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. We urge the international community to take action and force Israel to:


  • Condemn the settler violence that is increasing by the day.
  • Swiftly condemn the actions of Israel in their ongoing efforts to systematically ramp upethnic cleansing efforts.
  • Hold Israel to account under international laws and human rights conventions.
  • Bring those responsible for the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians, especially those who kidnapped and tortured Mohammed Hussein Abu Khudair, to justice.
  • Hold an independent and transparent inquiry into the military actions of during “Operation Brother’s Keeper”, especially those connected the gross violations of the Palestinian human rights





The Palestinian Non-governmental Organisations Network/ PNGO