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The international community should shoulder its responsibility in protecting the Palestinian people under occupation

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network PNGO directs this appeal to human rights and humanitarian organizations for their immediate intervention to end the criminal aggression of the Israeli Occupation State, which continues its egregious massacres against the unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip. This aggression constitutes an all-out war against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including Jerusalem, as a part of its quest to impose a de facto solution to separate the West Bank from the Gaza Strip. This is also part of the Israeli plan to establish a State made up of Bantustans and enclaves in the West Bank, and to thereby liquidate the national cause of the Palestinian people.
We address the UN and its bodies and institutions, in light of their humanitarian and moral responsibility in maintaining international peace and security; we also address them out of concern for the role of this international institution, so that it may speak out and regain its legitimacy. It should condemn the insanity of the Israeli crimes and atrocities in the Gaza Strip, which all of humanity has condemned. This includes the targeting of civilians; destroying homes over the heads of its owners; bombing water and power plants, hospitals, and public facilities such as schools and mosques; and displacing tens of thousands of citizens from their homes. In addition, Israel has dramatically worsened the daily life problems for most of the people of Gaza, especially those living in areas that went came under heavy shelling during the past few days, especially Al-Shujaiyeh, Beit-Lahia, Beit-Hanoun, Al-Qarara and other places.
We at PNGO, in condemnation of these horrific and bloody massacres against our people in Gaza, call upon representatives, consulates, representative offices, and all human rights and international organisations to:
 Condemn the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and to immediately intervene at all levels to bring it to an end. We call upon them to refrain from double standards in dealing with what is happening in the Strip in terms of the genocide of the occupying power.
 Demand the United Nations to intervene to provide temporary international protection for the Palestinian people under occupation, out of respect for the principles of human rights and relevant international conventions, including the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
 Request the formation of authorised international investigation committees, to investigate the war crimes carried out by the occupying power against the unarmed innocents, and to force the occupying power to accept it and publicize its findings.
 Call upon the international community and people worldwide to boycott, divest from, and impose international sanctions on the occupying power, until it complies with international law and ends its grave violations in the Palestinian territories. We call upon the different countries around the world to stop and terminate its contracts and arms deals with the occupying power.
 Demand the humanitarian organizations to immediately intervene in and halt the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Strip, due to the massive destruction of homes, power and water plants, and displacement of thousands of families who became homeless. This has triggered a humanitarian disaster that the world must act to prevent, by providing safe corridors and insuring the delivery of humanitarian aid and relief to the citizens.
 Demand ending the continued injustice in the Gaza Strip—which for several years has manifested itself in the unjust blockade—by immediately lifting the siege, opening the crossings and facilitating the Gazans’ freedom of movement and travel. We call upon them to address the disastrous economic conditions of the Gaza Strip, including the high poverty and unemployment rates that reach up to approximately 50%. This requires urgent work to avoid a humanitarian disaster, and the United Nations, through the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, must assume its responsibility towards this crisis.
Finally, the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network PNGO salutes the organizations, forces and institutions that have announced their rejection of this aggression. They have held rallies, activities or sit-ins in different cities worldwide, demanding a halt to this aggression as part of the international solidarity movement with the Palestinian people, and they have supported the rights of the Palestinian people, as well as justice and international peace in accordance with the principles of human rights and international law.


The Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations Network.