Fields of activity
" Publish Date : 2012/09/12 "

 Fields of activity


PNGO is active in three main fields :

Coordination and Networking 

-  Advocacy and Public Awareness


Coordination and Networking


PNGO promotes coordination, cooperation and consultation not only among Palestinian NGOs but also between the Palestinian NGO sector and the different bodies of the Palestinian National Authority. In addition, PNGO facilitates the exchange of information and experience between NGOs at the local, regional and international levels. PNGO is engaged in international advocacy measures and contributes to several solidarity campaigns to raise awareness for the struggle of the Palestinian people.


PNGO holds regular meetings with member organizations to discuss matters of concern, it organizes meetings with international NGOs, diplomatic missions, parliamentarians and international governmental organizations, it holds coordination meetings with Palestinian governmental bodies and it participates in local and international events which aim at strengthening coordination and cooperation among civil society organizations worldwide (such as the World Social Forum and regional Social Forums, UN conferences and events organized by the bodies of the EU, national governments or NGOs).



Capacity Building


PNGO believes that a strong Palestinian civil society is dependent on professionally structured NGOs. The Network is committed to enhancing the organizational capacities of member organizations at the administrative and financial levels.


PNGO strengthens the networks institutional and organizational capacities by coordinating training opportunities, matching volunteers, facilitating subcommittees and providing PNGO member organizations with necessary information.


It also regularly organizes capacity-building workshops and training courses in a large variety of fields, such as conflict resolution, media and communication, advocacy and networking, project planning, proposal writing, fundraising and project management.



Advocacy and Public Awareness



PNGO believes that it is essential to create public awareness on vital issues that affect the daily life of the community. The Network issue statements, press releases, provide analysis and organize public awareness campaigns on these key issues: sustainable development, as well as Human Rights and democractic values, including equality and social justice.


Moreover, the civil society sector is an integral partner in both the development process and in the formulation of democratic legislation. In this context, PNGO provides analyses, conducts studies and participates in discussions to assist in the formulation of public development policies and legislation.


PNGO organizes regular meetings between civil society organizations and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), it drafts laws to be proposed to the PLC for ratification, it organizes national conferences and public meetings regarding reform matters, it issues press releases, it formulates positions with regard to issues of common concern, it carries out advocacy campaigns and it drafts concept papers outlining the activities of the civil society sector.