The networks Governance and Structure
" Publish Date : 2012/09/12 "

The networks ‘Governance and Structure

PNGO consists of three bodies :

  1. The PNGO Coordination Office (one in Gaza and one in the West Bank) [links (down) ]
  2. The PNGO Steering Committee (one in Gaza and one in the West Bank) [links]
  3. The PNGO General Assembly (in Gaza and in the West Bank) [links]


The PNGO General Assembly is comprised of 132 member organizations, seventy in the West Bank and sixty five in the Gaza Strip. It convenes at least twice a year. The PNGO general Assembly is responsible for approving and endorsing the PNGO annual administrative and financial reports, which are prepared jointly by the PNGO Coordination Office and the Steering Committee. Member organizations take part in sectoral meetings and provide valuable feedback to the steering committee regarding the development of the network.


See the list of PNGO General Assembly's members:

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-          By sector


The PNGO Steering Committee (one in the West Bank, comprised of 11 members, and one in the Gaza Strip, comprised of 7 members) is elected by the General Assembly and serves on a voluntary basis. The Steering Committee meets every week to plan, monitor and evaluate PNGO activities in addition to coordination and networking activities. Members meet with and provide feedback and input to the various Palestinian National Authority bodies ( including ministries and the Palestinian Legislative Council), local and international NGO networking bodies, parliamentarians and country strategists, international solidarity groups, students groups and specific sectoral groups). The role of PNGO in these activities varies and includes the provision of information, influencing local and international decision-making, as well as coordination and networking. PNGO steering committee is responsible for the financial sustainability of the network and is accountable to the PNGO General Assembly.


See the members of PNGO Steering Committee:

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The PNGO Coordination offices carry out the organization's daily work. It is comprised of staff which at present is eight, three in the West Bank and five in Gaza. PNGO Staff responsibilities include overseeing the day to day operations of the office, follow up with and contribute to PNGO steering Committee decisions, taking part in internal and coordination meetings, fundraising, documentation (administrative and financial reports, press release, website, minutes of Meetings, etc). The PNGO Coordination Office is accountable to the PNGO Steering Committee.


Contact PNGO Office

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