Capacity Building activities overview
" Publish Date : 2012/09/12 "

Capacity Building activities overview

Enhancing the capacities of the Palestinian NGOs in one of the core work strategies of PNGO.

Because PNGO believes that a strong Palestinian civil society is dependent on professionally structured NGOs, the Network is committed to enhancing the organizational capacities of member organizations at the administrative and financial levels.


PNGO is also strengthening the networks institutional and organizational capacities by coordinating training opportunities, matching volunteers, facilitating subcommittees and providing PNGO member organizations with necessary information.

In this section, you will find the details about the ongoing Capacity Building activities led by PNGO:


- Building up Financial & Administrative Quality Standards: PNGO has implemented a project entitled ‘Building Up Financial & Administrative Quality Standards''. The project supported 30 member organizations in the creation and implementation of a sound administrative and financial management system enabling them to adapt to changing circumstances and comply with legal requirements.


- Responding to Conflict Program: PNGO runs a joint project with the British NGO Responding to Conflict (RTC). The project aims at empowering civil society organizations to find constructive ways of responding to conflict. The project involves intensive practical and participatory exercises for practitioners working for peace and justice in situations of instability and conflict.

- NGO Code of Conduct: PNGO has taken the lead in drafting and disseminating the NGO Code of Conduct, the standard for the ethical and work behavioral patterns for NGOs.


You will also find a section with the Capacity Building activities that PNGO has completed.