Pre-Paid Billing System
" Publish Date : 2012/03/10 "



         The Palestinian Authority (PA) started couple of years ago a new billing system that is pre-paid billing system. This system is currently applied for electricity and water in some villages especially in refugee camps. The PA argued that the aim behind applying this criterion is to make citizens pay their electricity and water bills. However, as PNGO we believe that the PA still deals with the poor as a burden on the PA’s shoulders instead of a target to reduce poverty in the Palestinian society.


         The  study (Pre-Paid Billing System in the sectors of  Electricity and Water) 

         Adopts a critical perspective to the Palestinian Authority’s economic policies under the name of “development” and its implementation to the neoliberal policies. Such policies increase the economic responsibilities on the Palestinian citizens, and so increase poverty. In the case of Palestinians, the Israeli occupation shall take into responsibility the economic burden and not vise versa. What’s happening in reality is that the economic burden is increased on Palestinian citizens and decreased for Israeli occupation and even the Palestinian Authority.


         Moreover, the study examines to which extent the Palestinian citizens understand the concept of new pre-paid system for electricity and water meters and its future consequences especially that these services are between the hands of the private sector. In order to examine that, Palestinian citizens were interviewed in some cities, villages and refugee camps in the West Bank specifically in Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem, Tulkaren, and Jenin. In addition, a field research took place targeting local governmental bodies and councils in villages and cities in order to realize the implementation process of pre-paid billing system and its consequences on the Palestinian communities.