The health sector of the Palestinian NGO Network Calls For the immediate release of the detainee, Baghdadi

The health sector of the Palestinian NGO Network holds the occupation state of Israel fully responsible for the life of the prisoner patient, Qasem Ahmad Baghdadi, who is a resident of Al-Amari refugee camp in the Ramallah and suffers from Hemophilia (A). Baghdadi has been detained in Offer detention center since his arrest on the night of February 9th, after a raid to his home by the Israeli occupation forces. This came one day after he was released by the occupation forces.

On Thursday, 11th, February a court session was held and another court session to be held on Tuesday the 16th per his lawyer Mr. Naseem Abu Ghoush , who informed the Palestinian society For Bleeding Disorders, PSBD .

The Baghdaid Family is very concerned about their son’s health and Life.Baghdadi (20), has been suffering with health issues since his birth and as a result of frequent bleeding, his joints, muscles, and internal organs have been affected. He also suffers from spontaneous bleeding and swollen and pained knee. The patient requires constant medication to manage these bleedings, including medication taken through intravenous needles at a rate of 3 needles per week. Failure to receive this medication may lead to serious complications including frequent and continuous bleeding. This would not only be a threat to his health, it would also threaten his life.

The health sector of the Network believes that the arrest of Baghdadi is part of the systematic policy of the Israeli occupation which continues to detain Palestinians in Israel continues to disregard international law, international humanitarian law and the basic human rights, deliberately neglecting the medical needs of Palestinian prisoners.

. This requires immediate and urgent international intervention to save the lives of these ill prisoners. In addition, they need to pressure Israel to fulfill its international obligations as an occupying power to deliver medical treatment and attention to its prisoners as well as their unconditional release. With the spread of the Corona Virus and the great fear for the prisoner’s lives, this immediate release of sick prisoners has also been demanded by the World Health Organization and other relevant international organizations.

The health sector of the Network also stresses the importance of wide spread campaigns by all citizens, legal, and institutional movements in order to pressure for the release of sick prisoners, including Baghdadi, given the danger and constant threat to his life. This threat to his life is further heightened by the fact that there are no specific details about his medical condition.

Finally, the health sector calls on all international community to hold the Israeli occupying state accountable for it ongoing crimes against prisoners.