Statement civil Society Concerning Israel’s Assault on Beirzeit University

We, the undersigned national figures and civil society organizations, vehemently condemn the Israeli occupation forces’ criminal assault on Birzeit University on 10 January 2022. the Israeli forces raided – namely, the Birzeit University campus, firing live ammunition, injuring students, and abducting and detaining several of them. We hold the occupation authorities fully responsible for the safety of the incarcerated students and demand their immediate release.

This abhorrent crime requires immediate international intervention to provide protection for the Palestinian people as well as Palestinian academic and cultural institutions. It also requires that all Palestinians, individuals and organizations, to rally to the defense of Birzeit University, a distinguished national and academic institution. Birzeit university prides itself on its established and rich history of political and intellectual diversity and inclusion, while practicing and defending participatory democracy, making it a cornerstone in Palestinian resilience as well as the resistance to the occupation. In this context, we call for focusing our collective efforts and energies on confronting the Israeli aggression and denying the occupier the opportunity to undermine and weaken our institutions or meddle in our internal affairs.

We also urge for continued internal dialogue within the university and a manner that guarantees the resolution of any internal disputes and allows for the prompt resumption of academic life on campus.

Hanan Ashrawi

Abdelqader Al-Husseini

Majida Al-Masri.

Mahmoud Al-ifranji

Abdalfattah Aby Surour

Mohamad Salameh

Fuad Abu Seif

Alaa Skafi

Palestinian NGO Network

Azmi Al-Shuaibi

Shawan Jabarin

Mohamad Al-Aboushi

Abdallah Jarrar

Amjad Al-Shawa

Khaled Kuzmar

Mohamad Al-Hasasneh

Lily Feidi

Mamdouh Al-Aker

Ammar Dweik

Muhram Al-Barghouti

Ubai Aboudi

Hilmi Al-Araj

Fadwa Al-Husseini

Sahar Francis

Honaida Ghanem

Hani Al-Masri

Issam Arrouri

Sami Khader

Tahrir Al-Araj

Sana Shubeita

Munhed Abu Jeish

Issam Younis