Our Values

Values and Principles:

  • PNGO is guided in its work by a number of values and principles:
  • PNGO regards it as important that the NGO sector should be accountable, transparent, and committed to the sector’s mission.
  • PNGO believes in accountability with regard to all internal structural levels: The coordination office is accountable to the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee to the General Assembly and the General Assembly to the partner NGOs and the community at large.
  • PNGO’s work is based on transparent administrative and financial systems which stipulate the production of regular administrative and financial reports.
  • PNGO is guided by the Network’s clear mission which states that the national developmental roles of NGOs should complement the building of a democratic Palestinian civil society based on social justice, the sovereignty of law and the respect for human rights.
  • PNGO believes in joint leadership and teamwork, with decisions being made in a process of consultation among all the parties involved.
  • PNGO believes in equal partnerships with its international partners and in discussions that are based on equality and mutual respect.