Within the framework of a field visit carried out by the French Euromed Network (REF) from 13 to 19 ...

As the representative body for over 135 Palestinian NGOs working tirelessly to assert the human righ...

Palestinian NGO Network Denounces The ongoing preparations by the United States and its allies to ...


PNGO welcomes the EU's decision to ban dealing with settlements
Publish Date : 2013/07/22
On the report related to the work of the European Union in Area C
Publish Date : 2013/06/04
PNGO Letter To Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO About Conditional Funding
Publish Date : 2013/03/23
The Palestinian NGO Network welcomes the Palestinian reconciliation agreement
Publish Date : 2012/10/02
Palestinian Civil Society organizations emphasize the need to adhere to the terms of the Law of Associations
Publish Date : 2012/10/02
Upon the initiative of PNGO thousands of Palestinians gathered to express their rejection of the Palestinian internal division
Publish Date : 2012/10/02
The Road to Busan: Deepening Aid Effectiveness to Development Effectiveness
Publish Date : 2012/10/02

Palestinian NGO Law

Publications and Statments

Pre-Paid Billing System
Publish Date: 2012/03/10
PNGO Reminds WHO that Jerusalem Is under Belligerent Occupation
Publish Date: 2012/10/02
PNGOs’ Perspective
Publish Date: 2012/10/02
دراسة النظام الضريبي الفلسطيني
Publish Date: 2012/09/04
PNGO Annual Report 2000
Publish Date: 2012/08/31
PNGO Annual Report 2002
Publish Date: 2012/08/31
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