PNGO Welcomes Belgium’s Position Demanding Compensation

A New International Mechanism is required to Cease Ethnic Cleansing in the Jordan Vally

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network welcomes Belgium’s position expressed in the statement of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The statement condemned the Israeli Occupation Authorities actions several days ago in Khirbet Hemsa – Al-Bqi’a in the Jordan Valley, it also demanded the Israeli occupation to cease the demolitions of facilities which were funded by the Belgian Government, within its humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, including area C. Furthermore, it demanded compensations for the citizen’s losses due to the demolitions.

PNGO asserts that the demolitions, which destroyed 76 residential and agricultural facilities, come within the context of the continues Israeli ethnic cleansing crimes in the Palestinian Territory, especially in villages and rural areas located in the Jordan Valley, northern Dead Sea, and Jerusalem. Which are areas highly targeted within the Israeli occupation attempts to liquidate the Palestinian presence and to consolidate the de-facto policy to pass the annexation plan, that is gradually being implemented in these areas at the expense of Palestinian rights.

PNGO emphasizes that while welcoming the Belgian position in this regard, it calls for a clear international mechanism to pressure the Israeli occupying state to cease its continues demolitions and work to hold it accountable for its crimes according to the International Law. finally, PNGO calls on the European Union to take a serious stance towards these crimes, including working towards prosecuting and punishing the Israeli occupying state to comply with International Law and cease its violent practices against the Palestinian people