PNGO Supports Nine EU Member States’ Decision to Continue Cooperation with Designated CSOs 

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) welcomes a joint statement issued by nine European countries affirming their clear intent to maintain relations and cooperation with six Palestinian CSOs designated as “terrorist” by the Israeli Minister of Defense last October. The designation was widely condemned by Palestinian civil society, resulting in extensive discussions among CSOs as well as condemnation from various EU Member States. 

PNGO fully supports the EU Commission’s decision to end the funding suspension on Al-Haq and has been keeping a close eye on various remarks that debunk the claims made by the occupying power and its government. These false claims are a part of the occupation’s vicious campaign against Palestinian civil society, which seeks to undermine and delegitimize CSOs’ efforts and work on the Palestinian Basic Law and international law levels. Allegations and propaganda against Palestinian CSOs to disparage their work are no longer acceptable on any level. 

This crucial step, according to PNGO, is a cornerstone for adopting objective and constructive positions towards local CSOs, on the basis of mutual cooperation to end Israeli aggression against Palestinian CSOs and limit the shrinking civic space, and similar to the assessment basis of nine EU Member states; Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden, which confirms the absence of any evidence indicating Palestinian CSO links to “Terrorism.”